Are your internal controls top notch? Are you sure? Even companies like Conde Naste and Best Buy have been victims of phony invoice scams.

Test your controls. We’ll put your processes through a series of tests over time designed to mimic a wide variety of phony invoice tactics.  That’s right, we are going to use real world scam tactics and employ them against your company!  This is very similar to penetration testing in the security industry.  We will start invoicing you with general phonies, escalating to more targeted and focused attempts.  At some point we may pose as one of your current vendors.  This will give us valuable insight into the security of your current Accounts Payable processes.  Of course it also goes without saying, if you are duped into paying a phony invoice, we will VOID the check and return it to you within 7 business days.

After our testing phase, we’ll report on your performance.

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